Dreamery 1.0

Explore the world of dreams


  • Interesting content


  • Confusing interface
  • Lack of explanation

Not bad

Dreamery is an iPad digital version of Dreamery: Dr. Wonders’ Dictionary of Dreams by Javier Saez Castan.

Using a 1920s carnival game interface, Dreamery is an entirely different experience on the iPad. It consists of a number of different interactive areas where users can explore the meaning behind their dreams.

It is a little difficult to use the app because even with the included options, a lot of the interface is unexplained and performs small options like turning on lights which have no direct effect. Dreamery’s usage is limited beyond different screens, like finding out your future through flipping four different cards or mixing and matching images with conjoining phrases.

There is also a dictionary of dreams in Dreamery, but there is no explanation of how it explains dreams. Additionally, there's an automated dialogue that can be switched from automatic or manual, artificially extending the experience of the app.

Dreamery is a decent app to explore, but it does not have a lot of interactivity beyond reading text. The content is interesting, but the experience comes up short and even a bit confusing.

Dreamery masks interesting content with a confusing interface.

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Dreamery 1.0

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